Sunday, May 15, 2011

TheVintageCrowsNest 'Picker' Knows The Younger Generation Does Appreciate Nautical Vintage!

Even before The VintageCrowsNest was only a concept, as a collector, I was on the lookout for a wide variety of nautical vintage items! I've always searched for the unique and unexpected...and this canned emergency drinking water really fits the bill.
During the 1950's Naval ships had emergency rations on board, and canned emergency drinking water was also included. This canned water was also used in the many bomb shelters that dotted the landscape in the U.S.A. during those 'cold war' days!
This is a great novelty item for the 1950's, or naval collector, so it's very understandable why this 'vintage' person luvs them! I was extremely surprised when my youngest son, who says he 'doesn't like vintage', saw my group of cans sitting on the table, and picked one up, looking at it very intently! After I told him the history of the cans, that I'd researched online (good old Google!) he asked me if he could have them to display in his livingroom! He jokingly said that in an emergency he'd have water on hand! How could I resist that smile...he walked out the door with part of my 'booty'! :O)

Vintage Emergency Navy Canned Drinking Water 3 Cans

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