Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shopping For The Galley Or For The Studio?

The Vintage Crows Nest is an interesting place! You will find a wide gamut of vintage, suitable for the the studio!

Vintage 1950s Seafood Fish Oysters Cutlery Set from Jean Lafitte's Galley Wonderful for your crab, or lobster dinners! :O)

Or something to delight the eye... This nautical sailboat metal art, would be just as wonderful in your family room, as in your kitchen! It would look great with stainless steel appliances!

Vintage Sailboat Nautical Metal Wall Art from Black Bart's Coastline Studio
Many more unique nautical items to come! :O)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Vintage Crows Nest Thanks Captain Jack Sparrow For Keeping Pirate Tales Alive!

"I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a lass...dreaming of the Jolly Roger, and pirates plundering the Caribbean! I used to sneak out of bed late at night, way past my bed time, to watch the late show on T.V., especially to see Errol Flynn, or Tyrone Power, in their swashbuckling Hollywood roles! Movies like "Captain Blood", "The Sea Hawk", and "The Black Swan", were my favorites! It wasn't easy to tip toe past my parents room, as my mother was such a light sleeper. I had to keep the T.V. volume so low, and try not to act out the sword fight scenes, in the livingroom...and it was even harder when my little brother started joining me in my late night viewing!
I realized when I had my own children, just what we had put my mother through, while we were growing brother and I, had made very pointy wooden pirate swords to have sword fights in the yard!

I've always luved pirate memorabilia, and almost let out a whoop, when I found some vintage 1950's pirate drink glasses, at a local estate sale! I'm always looking for nautical vintage / antique items, and was pleased to also find a Pirate Cookbook, and these 1950's boys pajamas with sailing ships! I know little boys, and girls, used to enjoy the pirate films of the old days, but now I think they do again...thanks to Johnny Depp's brilliant portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! In the latest sequel of Pirates of the Carribean...On Stranger Tides...which features Penelope Cruz as the swashbuckling female pirate, and BlackBeard's daughter, little girls now have a female role model who is confident, daring, and ambitious! I'm sure that little boys, and girls, will have sweet dreams of adventure on the high seas! :O)

Vintage 1950s Saks Fifth Avenue Boys Sailing Ships Pajamas Size 14

This latest Pirates movie is the best one yet, and extemely well done in Imax 3D! My hubby and I thought it was well worth the higher admission price, as all the audience was enthralled. Sitting next to us was a young couple with two small boys. The littlest one, wearing his Pirates t-shirt, with his huge 3D glasses barely staying in place, scarcely made a peep! Go see it while you still have the chance! :O)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

TheVintageCrowsNest 'Picker' Knows The Younger Generation Does Appreciate Nautical Vintage!

Even before The VintageCrowsNest was only a concept, as a collector, I was on the lookout for a wide variety of nautical vintage items! I've always searched for the unique and unexpected...and this canned emergency drinking water really fits the bill.
During the 1950's Naval ships had emergency rations on board, and canned emergency drinking water was also included. This canned water was also used in the many bomb shelters that dotted the landscape in the U.S.A. during those 'cold war' days!
This is a great novelty item for the 1950's, or naval collector, so it's very understandable why this 'vintage' person luvs them! I was extremely surprised when my youngest son, who says he 'doesn't like vintage', saw my group of cans sitting on the table, and picked one up, looking at it very intently! After I told him the history of the cans, that I'd researched online (good old Google!) he asked me if he could have them to display in his livingroom! He jokingly said that in an emergency he'd have water on hand! How could I resist that smile...he walked out the door with part of my 'booty'! :O)

Vintage Emergency Navy Canned Drinking Water 3 Cans

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vintage Ladies 1950s Nautical Scarf ~ Even BlackBeard Would Love!

Vintage 1950s Ladies Nautical Scarf Sailing Ships Antique World Map

I was surprised, but pleased to find this lovely triangular ladies nautical scarf at a local estate of its' hidden treasures! My antiquing buddy verified my estimate of the age...from the 1950's. The world map, sailing ships, and nautical trade routes, make it so interesting! Even Blackbeard would like this one!
I was just lost in thought of Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee's romantic, drama...A Summer Place! This is the type of scarf Sandra Dee, or Dorothy McGuire, would have worn in the coastal breeze, while on a sail boat!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage Nautical Clothing And Decor Are More Prevalent Than I Had Thought!

When I had started my vintage and antiques website, I had thought it would be more difficult to find a wide range of vintage items with an ocean, or nautical theme. But I have found it to be quite the opposite. Vintage jewelry, clothing, accessories, linens, and home decor, are more prevalent, especially in this area! As my nautical website grows, so will its' 'sister' blog! I do think...this pair of lovely mermaids represent the idea of my website quite well!
The Vintage Crows Nest.Com with it's glorious pirate theme, will continue to feature interesting, and unique items! This blog will give you a 'taste of the sea' that can be brought right to your doorstep!

Vintage Clamshell Enamel Brooch

Vintage Nautical Bathrobe

Vintage 1940's - 1950's Straw Fedora California Brim Mens Hat Beach Barbeque Golf

Vintage 1970s Rhinestone Silvertone Dolphin Belt Lion Charm

Vintage 1940s Nautical Tea Towel Anchors Sailboats Seagulls Sailing Naval Kitchen Towel

Vintage Nautical Sea Shell Glass Dish Sea Shells Conch Shells